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Voodoo Lights screensaver 05-07-2010

A mesmerising screensaver from the golden-age of 3D graphics, when 3DFX Voodoo, PowerVR, and nVidia TNT were household names. Still impressive today, this piece of 3D history is becoming increasingly difficult to find on the web, and is mirrored here for your convenience and enjoyment.


O.T.T. - Smoked Glass & Crome 05-07-2010

A great uplifting ethnic ambient track from O.T.T's Blumenkraft album, reminicent of Enigma.

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Quake III Arena IHV Test Write-Up & Screenshots 22-11-2008

Quite possibly the most fascinating piece of Quake 3 history yet! The IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor) Test version was the first leaked version of Quake 3 that made it's way onto the internet. Of questionable legality, and only found in very remote circles, the IHV Test provides a unique insight into Quake 3's earliest stages of development.

Read more in the full article. Several original high-res screenshots included.

Further to the "upcoming galleries" mentioned in the previous post, I have purchased additional webspace and plan to re-launch the blog with a large amount of new content hopefully this month.